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For Western people, having a burger, a hot dog and fries for lunch, or dinner is incredibly typical. Typically we will have our quick foods, and we will have our steaks, a minimum of that is what we have a tendency to and are best-known for. A number of these Samba steak and sushi recipes by the Samba Framingham were fastened into our societies whereas it had been growing have returned and been accepted into our menus quickly. However, of the foremost distinctive and delicious restaurants...

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Mango Filet Mignon

Filet mignon stir-fried with fresh mango,pepper in fresh mango sauce

Happy Family Specia

A family of beef, chicken, shrimp, scallops and vegetables blended and stir-fried in a delicate brown sauce.

Seafood Jambalaya Special

Slowly cooked rice with scallop, shrimp, clam, mussels, calamari in Jamaica style

Kung Pao Special

Classic spicy dish in Szechuan cuisine

Samba Taco Trio

Chicken taco, 1 steak taco and 1 fish tako with lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, avocado and yam yam dressing

Hot Stone Bibim Bab

Choice of beef, chicken or shrimp Rice topped with marinated beef, fried egg & vegetables, served with spicy Korean sauce

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Samba Taco Trio

Sambas Specials



The food is fantastic, go early on the weekend if you are not interested in the dance club atmosphere. By 8pm karaoke starts. And by 10 it turns into a full-blown nightclub. Both are great but you need to to know what you're in for.

Aleece Fitzgerald



"Friendly staff, really good with allergen information too. They triple checked everything ordered to make sure it was safe for her."

Michelle Ahronian



We have done both the hibachi and sit down and we haven't been disappointed. Both the sushi and hot food is very good. The drinks are creative and varied. The wait staff is friendly. We are frequent customers and will contiue to be.

Matthew Rodriguez


1138 Worcester Road Framingham MA 01702
(508) 628 0288